Friday, October 9, 2015

First Fall 2015 Forum

First Fall 2015 Forum

Date Wednesday October 14th, 2015:
Time: 6:30 to 9:00 PM

Place: Saint Michael's Episcopal Church, 225 W 99 St., corner of 99th Street and Amsterdam Avenue (in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper West Side) All Are Welcome.  For further information: call (917) 338-6415 or email

Is Progress Being Made in Our State

A Report on the Legislative Achievements of the 2015 State Assembly

State Senator and ranking Dem. State Senate Housing Committee, Adriano Espaillat

It is sometimes easy to miss the real and significant achievements of our legislators in Albany. The business of government in a democracy is slow and tedious and not as fast paced and dramatic and as our 24 hour news cycle finds attractive. Senator Espaillat will outline the many achievements that the State of New York has made in the last year on such diverse issues as rent stabilization, 421a property tax relief, NYCHA maintenance funding, criminal justice reform for incarcerated minors, imposition of legally required procedures at colleges and universities to prosecute sexual assaults, among many other issues. It is important to look back at the legislative year and take an honest assessment of what has been achieved and what waits to be completed.

Preserving Community Health Care Systems in Manhattan

An Assessment on the Progress Made by Presbyterian Hospital with Community Leaders

State Senator AdrianoEspaillat & City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez

This year the PW Policy Forum will explore the policies concerning the changing landscape presented to local hospitals, clinics, and doctors in the provision of health care. The Affordable Care Act has introduced many challenges and opportunities to extend the quality and reach of health care services. Hospital consolidations and closures place pressures on the remaining providers to pick up many new patients. Presbyterian Hospital has been challenged by these local leaders to begin to address these issues aggressively to preserve and improve local health care services.

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